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    Unanswered: To find the deleted columns in a table


    I had a table in which a particular column was exisiting and suddenlty I found that the column is misssing.

    How do I come to know as to when the column was deleted from that table.


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    If you do not have auditing enabled, this is nearly impossible to be sure... With auditing, I think you could but I don't know how.

    I think LOGMINER could help you but I've never used it. Somebody else here may tell you more about it.

    You can query ALL_OBJECTS or USER_OBJECTS and get the LAST_DDL_TIME column. If the DELETE was the last DDL operation on the table, then you're lucky and this is it, else it will be of no help .

    Another solution would be to have a look at your latest exports and see the last one having this column...

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