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    Unanswered: memo field data disappears

    Hello all,
    I've been working on this database for some time now. It's an Access 2003 database with a SQL backend. Everything was going well until one of the users noticed her data was disappearing from a memo field after she sends an email. The database has a memo field that gets pasted in the body of an email when it is created with code. Sometimes, when the user sends an email and goes back into the record, the memo field is blank. I know the field has data in it at the time of the email because it will give you an error if the field is null and you won't be able to send it. And, it goes into a history table with everything the user does with each record. I've checked this history table and it shows that all records in question, an email was sent. I have no idea why the data would disappear in this field. It does not happen all the time. I've performed the same steps and I can't duplicate the problem. There's no code associated with the memo field that deletes it after sending the email. Can anyone think of anything that would cause this?

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    Somewhere in the script sending the e-mail... Is the field being overwritten?
    Perhaps you should post your e-mail script and highlight the memo field.

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