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    Unanswered: Form Storing Values

    I have a form that is being used to input new clients into a main table. I just discovered that this form is storing all the values inputed. I found this out by creating the append query to move the record from the form to the table and it trying to append 6 records instead of 1.

    any guidance would be appreciated.

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    A form does not "store" values. If it is bound to the table, it reflects the records in the table. If it is unbound, which you post implies, it can only hold the data displayed on it, which would be one record. What does your append query look like?

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    you would only need an append query if you are using an unbound design paradigm.

    if you are using plain vanilla Access, using bound controls (ie when adding a control to a form, then you do not need append queries to process the data.. Access does it all for you.

    if you are using a server back end then you probably should be using unbound controls and manipulating what data to display and when, and you would then need to set up your own procedures to update the data.

    ikf you are comong form a pur eprogramming background ten Access can seem a very weird beast..... it can act as a a RAD platform for quick and dirty database applications. it can (sort of) act like a programming environment with a series of nifty wsiwyg controls that work straight out of the box, or it can be a bastardised hybrid.
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