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    Cool MS Certified SQL2005 Security Expert Project

    We are a consultancy in Southern California and are in need of a consultant to join our staff for a 4 to 6 month contract reviewing SQL2000 and SQL2005 server intances to recommend security improvements to ensure that best practices are implemented in approximatly 20 instances here in So. Cal. Project to begin in Mid May 2007.

    Tasks include:
    1. Assessment of Each Instance's overall level of security compliance.
    2. Assessment of the back-up and recovery enviromnet relative to Security.
    3. Assessment of Server Environments relative to Security
    4. Determine the best way to audit the data relative to security.
    5. Determine Best Method to develop and implement user profiles
    6. Develop Prototype Instances with these recommendations implemented.
    7. Should be familiar with various encryption methods.
    8. Should have an understanding of impacto of each recommendation on db performance.
    9. Must have excellent English language communication skills.
    10. Must provide knowledge transfer to client's DBA staff during project

    MS Certification in SQL Server is required. Principals only. Contact
    Marc Schissler, OTCS, @ ext. 23
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