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    Exclamation Unanswered: DTS Package Manipulations


    How do I delete out 4 statements contained within a text file, each followed by a newline which requires to be deleted also. I have already performed a number of transformations to structure the txt file and insert it into columns in a table but noticed the following text randomly appearing throughout the txt file; there are 3 other statements simular to this also:

    res1 = 0, res2 = 0, res3 = 0, res4 = 0

    Server Host = irea3nbu002 <------ delete
    <------ delete
    media_id = IAP004, partner_id = *NULL*, version = 1
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    either use a staging (temp) table to import and delete from that table before copying to final table. or use a Activex step to open that text file with filesystemobject, read every line and correct it.

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