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    Unanswered: calculated fields on forms

    hey guys i have a form with several fields on it:
    [shiphandle] as double w/currency
    [subtotal] as double w/ currency
    [tax] as percent
    [markup] as percent

    i have this as the definition on my text field


    so it should do this
    add subtotal and ship handle

    then multiply by 1+whatever the tax percent is (the tax is auto converted to a decimal by MSaccess

    then multiply by the markup percent (same thing as tax)

    however this is not the case i get #name and that it cannot find the field name subtotal which is 100% there!

    any help is appreciated

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    I recreated your set up and seems to work just fine.

    Are these values being pulled from a table ?

    Would you be able to export this form, with any relevant tables into a DB and attach it, so that we may take a closer look at it ?

    I know it's the obvious ... but take a close look at your spelling.


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    i got it figured out thank you though:

    i had made a custom control bar with stuff like DEL and SAVE and QUIT and copied the VBA from another form with same control bar i also unknowingly copied the "option compare database" line which seems to mess up everything if that line is duplicated...

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