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    Question Unanswered: Install DB2 on Linux MC/ServiceGuard Cluster does not work (please help)


    We are currently installing a DB2 V9 ESE on a Linux server
    (RHEL4U4-x86_64). Installation runs successfully on each node. Database
    user environment is OK and the instance is well created. To be sure,
    we've started the database with db2start => successfull. And then shut
    it down again successfully too.

    The tricks appears when we switch the hp MC/ServiceGuard (A.11.16 for
    Linux) package to the other node... the database does not want to start
    up. It fails with that message:

    [root@node2 ~]# su db2r01 -c /db2/R01/sqllib/adm/db2start
    SQL1092N "DB2R01 " does not have the authority to perform the
    requested command.

    [That's the manual issued command but the behaviour is identical within
    the hp MC/ServiceGuard Control Script]

    For information, each node (the cluster is composed with only 2 nodes)
    has its own DB2 binaries+userspaces. The instance is named db2r01 and
    datafiles are stored in /db2/R01 filesystem. This filesystem is on a SAN
    device and presented to all cluster nodes (mounted only on active node).

    We will appreciate any help and thank you in advance for your spent time
    on that problem!!!

    To sum up, is there a very detailed cookbook explaining how install DB2
    in a ServiceGuard (for Linux) environment?

    Thanks a lot!!

    Best regards,

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    Is db2r01's UID the same on both nodes, I wonder?
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by n_i
    Is db2r01's UID the same on both nodes, I wonder?
    yes same username uid and gid
    any idea?
    thanks a lot

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