I have a Delphi 7 application using an Access 2002 database which is replicated using Replication Manager to allow Internet mode synchronization. For some time, we have had several computers which report "Invalid http address" when synchronization is attempted. This happens whether the synchroniztion is initiated from the application or manually via the Access menu.

The server named in the address is visible to the computer and the address held by the Access database is correct (which leads me to believe the error message itself is incorrect). We have noted that reinstalling Windows (usually XP) will fix the problem until other software (generally GIS mapping software) is installed. Even worse, we have several new laptops with factory installed Windows XP which report the same problem even when no additional software has been installed. So...I suspect a problem with DLLs, possibly in MDAC or something in the Microsoft Office suite, but I suppose anything is possible.

Has anyone else seen this error during Internet synchronization? Better yet, has anyone found a way to fix it?