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    Unanswered: Timing Identify

    I work in HRM Software. So I have to handle Worker Entry and Exit timing.
    Such one worker Entrance 23/04/07 8.00 am and exit 18.00 pm again other shift entry 23/04/07 19.00 pm and exit that employee 24/04/07 7.00 am .
    How can i findout 2nd shift timing. can you help me.
    I work in oracle 9i . Thanks for reply.


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    The same way you'd do that for the first shift: subtract EXIT and ENTRY time. The result is number of days. If you are interested in hours / minutes, you'll have to do a little calculation (for example: for hours, multiply the result by 24 (number of hours in a day). As you didn't specify what you, actually, need, here is the beginning; now you have something to start with.
    SQL> l
      1  select to_date('24.04.2007 07:00', ' hh24:mi')
      2       - to_date('23.04.2007 19:00', ' hh24:mi') time_diff
      3* from dual
    SQL> /

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