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    Question Unanswered: Dbms scheduled jobs hanging

    i ve oracle 10g database . and ive created a number of scheduled jobs.
    some times those jobs are hanging .
    the confusing part is that there no systematic way for this hangging . sometimes it happens every day and sometimes it takes a month to happen again.

    the jobs are executing procedures that belongs to the same package , some procedures deals with java classes in order to execute unix command like those commands used for cheking the existance of a specific file , send this file by mail .. etc

    the error message i get is timeout occurred while waiting to lock object DATACENTER.PSA
    where the datacenter is the schema name and the psa is the package name

    i wish that someone can provide me with useful select statment that could help in knowing the locked tables or procedure . and do you think java part is playing role in this hanging

    thanx alot

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    >and do you think java part is playing role in this hanging
    No, but I could be wrong.
    Let me guess since you provided scant actual facts.
    Is the procedure getting this error doing DDL?
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    hanging job

    yes the procedure is executing execute_immediate('truncate ....'); , i suspected that , but i wanna make sure .
    This why im asking for select statemnets can show me exactly the statemnet in the procedure (nested procedures) that caused the hanging .
    all i got so far is this statement which shows the locked object in DB and the session :-

    v$locked_object a,dba_objects b
    a.object_id = b.object_id

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