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    Unanswered: DLookup

    Hi, On a form I have several text box, I understand that if I want to enter a value in one text box and that for it to auto populate the others I need to use a DLookup...

    I am not sure on what to write in the textbox for it to auto appear when the first textbox has been entered?


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    you dont need to use a domain lookup but it may be appropriate for this purpose

    have a look at the dlookup or domain function in the help system

    you probably need to place some code in the relevant controls on change event
    select the control that you want to issue the dlookup function and right click to pull up the sub menu, select Build event option, select the code builder.

    choose the appropriate event for your action (im guessing it will probably be the on change, on click or on lost focus events).
    you may need to do a bit more work and set a flag that knows something has changed in the control and then examine that flag int he lost focus event to do you dlookup

    unfortunately I cant help you too much with dlookup.. to me they are the spawn of the devil.. I try to avoid domain functions unless I really really have to use them
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    Here is an example I did a year ago, of a Function I called it TLookup, which returns an array from the searched table, the example contains 10 calls of that function, perhaps it helps you..
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