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    Unanswered: Report Export Into Excel Format

    Does anybody now a quick and dirty way of exporting reports in access to excel format? The only output formats available are HTML, Rich Text, Snapshot, Text, and XML. If the export in excel format were possible would the formatting of the report be retained?

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    Any groupings in reports come out like a dog's breakfast in Excel. Snapshot & I think pdf are the only reliable ways to retain formatting.

    Quick an dirty: Tools-> Office Links -> Analyse with Excel
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    I believe this will do it:
    DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport,"YourReportName", acFormatXLS, "CompleteOutPutPathAndFileName"
    But Pootle Flump is correct in that exporting reports to Excel generally doesn't turn out well, as all formatting is gone! i.e. if you have, say, monthly incomes

    01/07 02/07 03/07 04/07
    1200 1400 1350 1600

    in Excel it'll come out

    01/07 02/07 03/07 04/07 1200 1400 1350 1600

    with no correlation between the months and the incomes. I've never exported to pdf but the Snapshot gives a perfect rendition of the original report including all formatting. The Snapshot viewer ships with all versions of Access since 2000, I believe, and allows the .snp files to be viewed, printed and emailed.
    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks for the help guys. I don't think that missing the formatting will be such a big deal to our customers. They simply want to be able to manipulate the data in the reports that we send them.

    Thanks again

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