I have installed ASE 15.0 Develper edition on my XP PC as per the instructions on http://infocenter.sybase.com/help/in...win/X41739.htm

It appears I do not need a licence server for the developer edition so one is not installed.

I have completed the installation and going through the post installation tasks which includes starting the services.

Initially none of the servers will start, all failing with error 1067 ("Could not start the Sybase ???Server <SERVICE> on local computer).
I maganed to track down (google) a sybase article (http://search.sybase.com/kbx/changer...?bug_id=409607) that helped to install the XP server only.

I can now start the XP server and the Unified Agent but the Monitor/Backup/SQL Servers still fail with this error 1067.

If there is anything else I can try or do you have any tips they will be much appreciated.

I have had a good look around here but it is possible I have missed an answer so if you have seen one here for ASE 15 please reply the with the link.