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    Unanswered: Exporting a MySQL Database help

    Hello, I'm new this forum, and I was wondering if I am able to get some help.

    I run a forum myself, and I use a free host. The forum runs on IPB.

    This free does not use C-Panel(So i cannot backup that way), and does not have PhpMyAdmin, and has a 2mb upload limit, and to make things worse, they constantly have MySQL and PHP errors. You can see why I want to export my database and leave.

    The last time I backed the database was over a month ago, so I need to export the one that is up o date, obviously. I use a program called MySQL Admin, where I can import/export, and do most things. But on this host, when I goto export a table, it will only downloads for a couple of seconds, and then stops.

    I need to export this database immediately. Can someone please tell me my options?

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    do you have access to the php.ini config files? i've modified the config files to handle large uploads. in theory, by changing your max POST size, and max file upload size you might be able to get around it. this assumes you have access to the php.ini files. otherwise, you might download the database table by table. hope that helps.

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    Do you wish to export all the data + the table structure?

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