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    Unanswered: Sybase vs Oracle


    I would like to know differencies between Oracle/Sybase, pro and con. Can you write some notes why to prefer Sybase?

    Thanks for response

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    if cost isn't an issue for you, I would certainly support Oracle.

    No one ever lost a job for recommending Oracle. I've gotten into a lot of strife many a times recommending Sybase mainly because of the bugs in their product and poor implementation of features. After sales support is not what it used to be. One of my worst mistakes, was probably promoting Sybase HA

    Oracle sells well amongst the non-Techie executive elite, because of their buzz words like RAC, Flashback, Grid Control, Data Guard, Transportable DB Spaces etc..etc.. and of course Larry's charisma.

    Sure! they are buggy as hell, at the end of the day you buy into the company not the technology.

    On the other hand, Sybase iAnywhere is class apart. I absolutely love what comes out of that iAnywhere shed in Waterloo. Just check out their feature list. The technical support is fantastic, extremely educated bunch of people and understand what they sell. They come out with a patch in less than 3 weeks once you report a bug.
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