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    Unanswered: Cannot load program

    AIX 5.3
    DB2 8.2 (64 bit instance)

    > ./tf70server
    exec(): 0509-036 Cannot load program ./tf70server because of the following errors:
    0509-022 Cannot load module /usr/opt/db2_08_01/lib64/libdb2.a(shr.o).
    0509-150 Dependent module /usr/opt/db2_08_01/lib64/libdb2trcapi.a(shr.o) could not be loaded.
    0509-152 Member shr.o is not found in archive
    0509-022 Cannot load module tf70server.
    0509-150 Dependent module /usr/opt/db2_08_01/lib64/libdb2.a(shr.o) could not be loaded.
    0509-022 Cannot load module .

    > echo $LIBPATH

    We have SAP. On one system, the BSI Tax Factory will not start, giving the verbage above. The verbage above resulted from executing the command at the command line, which of course works on other systems, meaning that it simply does not return any text. The only thing I have found suggested that there are both 32bit and 64 bit libraries in play here, and the suggestion was to remove the LIBPATH. As is, the first path and last path in the LIBPATH above are actually the same directory. When I remove both of them, I get an error that a file or directory in LIBPATH is not found.

    Any suggestions?

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    Did you install a DB2 FixPak recently? If so, make sure to follow all steps in the Readme/Release notes and run "db2iupdt" on all DB2 instances.

    Also, was "tf70server" compiled and linked as 64-bit executable?
    Knut Stolze
    IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator
    IBM Germany Research & Development

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    Thanks so much.

    As it turns out, I had a 32bit and 64bit version of the file, and, of course, I was using the wrong one.

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