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    Unanswered: mysql admin tools

    I am finding some mysql admin tools ( on linux platform ) , I know there is a tool called mysqladmin , user may use web browser to admin the mysql ( not use the command line ) , can advise what is the exact name of the tool , where to find it ? thx
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    look on the MySQL website for the MySQL GUI Tools.

    It includes MySQLAdmin, MySQL Query Browser and (I think) an import tool. It used to include the MySQL Workbench, but that is still in the early stages of development (sometimes its a useful product, sometimes it isn't)
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    Also, please check out the PHPMyAdmin tool on this website

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    If you have linux on desktop. When just use your package manager:

    For debian
    apt-cache search "mysql admin"
    For fedora
    yum search "mysql admin"

    What distribution kit you use?

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