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    Unanswered: Oracle forms

    I have a multirecord data block what we can see at a form (oracle forms 9).
    Is there a simple way to count the distinct items that a field of that block has?
    A way is to do a loop at this block and count that, is there another simpler way?
    1st   2cnd
     a       b
     b       c
     c       c
    count (*) of distinct items of 2cnd=2
    The query for a table should be

    select count (*) fom (select distinct field from table)

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    Well, you could create a push button which would (in a loop again, though) store desired column values into a (global temporary?) table and return simple SELECT COUNT(distinct column_name) FROM temp_table.

    Perhaps there is a way to do that using one (or more) of the existing Forms built-ins, but I don' know it.

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