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    Unanswered: listener-thread: err = -956: oserr = -1:client host or user not trusted by the serve

    Hi there,
    This error is generating every 5 seconds. The message log get filled
    up. Please advice what can be done to avoid getting this error. Please help


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    You have a conection between two IDS servers???
    This is a conection from any client or another IDS server , without password...

    ask to you SO administrator monitoring the TCP port of you IDS server... and check where from this requests....

    ps.: sorry my bad english...

    informix@codsrv222:/opt/ids10.uc3>finderr -956
    -956 Client client-name is not in /etc/hosts.equiv on the remote host.

    This operation cannot be completed because the specified remote computer
    does not recognize the name of the client computer (the local host,
    whose name the hostname command returns). Client names are normally
    recorded in the configuration file /etc/hosts.equiv. The rhosts file on
    the remote computer might also need modification. For more information
    on these files and the relation between them, try man rhosts on a UNIX
    system. See the remote host administrator to ensure that the client
    host name is specified in /etc/hosts.equiv file for the remote host.
    This message appears in versions prior to Version 6.0.
    César Inacio Martins
    Jundiai / SP - Brasil - em Português - English (translated by Google).

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