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    Unanswered: Report Qtr Total

    Hi all. I have a Report in Access 2003 that includes months and their total. I would like to get a total for the qtr months only. ex. January 1000 February 329 March 873 etc. I am using a query for the recordsource for the report but don't want to put the criterion in the query because I want to get all the months. In the text box control source I put:
    =Sum([SumofHrs](IIf([MTH] Between "1" And "2",0))). This returns an error stating SumofHrs undefined. When I put the parenthesis around it and insert an & sign, it gives me a total of all months. ex. =Sum([SumofHrs]) & (IIf([MTH] Between "1" And "2",0)). I just want the first three months. Can anyone help

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    Sample Reporting

    If it helps, here's a neat little reporting form for reports. It has extensive date selection buttons on the form.
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    This is an how I calculate ageing:

    Age150: Sum(IIf(Now()-[Client Sale Date] Between 150 And 180,[Local Amt]-[Local Pay],0))


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