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    Unanswered: metalink says upgrade

    We're consistently getting an ORA-00600 error in a newly migrated application, where we're on db version, and metalink suggests an upgrade to (,1,helvetica).

    This is the first upgrade we've performed. As I'm looking through metalink to see if we should take advantage of the downtime to go to the newest 10.1 patch, it appears that bugs are introduced in every patchset. Are we better off just upgrading to, or looking to a newest patchest

    Also, if we apply the patchset to, does that include the fixes included in the patchset?


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    I really don't mean this to be flippant, but can you afford the time to go to

    I ran on 10.1.x for about 8 months before getting so aggravated with issues, bugs and general headaches.

    Went to 10.2.0.x and...peace. Mostly. There's one -600 error that crops up occasionally, but it does not appear to interfere with anything. I called it in, it matched a known issue and Oracle classified it as non-disruptive.

    If you can afford the time, 10.2.x is much nicer...


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