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    Unanswered: Repeat Schedule with MS Access

    Hi everyone,

    currently I am building an application for a small business as part of my coursework. I have to build a DB and app bundle for a studio which has classes and students. I am trying to figure out a way to build a table for the weekly schedule. Currently, I have the following tables:

    Student 1------M [BRIDGE] Attendance M--------1 Classes 1-------M Schedule

    The idea is for the application to look into the Schedule table, find the courses for the day, take the Class ID that the students wants to sign-in and put it into the Attendance table (basically I am using it as a reference table).

    Can anyone help me with an idea how to set up that Schedule table? I am trying to build it universally so that the admin does not have to retype the schedule every time. Currently what I have is the following:

    Sch_ID (Auto,PK)
    Class_ID (Int, FK) 'Class ID as FK
    Sch_DayOfWeek (String) 'Mon, Tue, Wed....
    Sch_StartTime (Date/Time) ' start TIME only
    Sch_EndTime (Date/Time) 'end TIME only

    I have to also find an easy way to manipulate the Schedule changes from VB.NET app...but that's another story.

    Thank you,


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    Im guessing that you have 3 main elements
    namely people, courses, and buildings / rooms

    a room may be allocated to a particular course (just guessing that no one room can be used by more than one course at the same time)

    a person my have signed up for one or more courses

    a course may be allocated to a different room based on (say size of class, equipment requirements) (so a course may be held at 09:00 in room A on Monday, 09:00 in Room B on Tuesday as it requires <blah>, 10:00 in room C on wednesday....

    you may need a method of associating which persons are registered on which course

    you will need a method of associating which courses are booked for which rooms on which days, and at what times.
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    I forgot the limitations:

    There is only ONE class room (so no moving around and all classes take place there)

    Student can take ANY class from the offerings for the day (they do not register in advance).

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    I guess there is no other way...

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    Ooh ooh I might have something to help you - I have meetings all day tomorrow but I'll try dig something out when I get a few minutes at some point...
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