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    Unanswered: Resource files... ASE Server resource file vs. Backup Server resource file

    I was taking a look at the example resource files located in the following Sybase directory (on a ASE 12.5.4 box)...

    -bash-3.00$ pwd

    I noticed something strange, but wanted to confirm before making any assumptions...

    The Backup Server example resource file had the following arguments...

    sqlsrv.sa_login: sa
    sqlsrv.sa_password: USE_DEFAULT

    But the Adaptive Server example resource file did not.

    Q01) Wouldn't we set the sa account and password in the Adapative Server resource file?

    Q02) Would these arguments exist in the Adaptive Server resource file?

    Please refer to the following...

    -bash-3.00$ more
    sybinit.release_directory: USE_DEFAULT
    sybinit.product: sqlsrv
    sqlsrv.server_name: PUT_YOUR_SERVER_NAME_HERE
    sqlsrv.new_config: yes
    sqlsrv.do_add_server: yes
    sqlsrv.network_protocol_list: tcp
    sqlsrv.network_hostname_list: PUT_YOUR_HOSTNAME_HERE
    sqlsrv.network_port_list: PUT_YOUR_PORT_NUMBER_HERE
    sqlsrv.server_page_size: USE_DEFAULT
    sqlsrv.force_buildmaster: no
    sqlsrv.master_device_physical_name: PUT_THE_PATH_OF_YOUR_MASTER_DEVICE_HERE
    sqlsrv.master_device_size: USE_DEFAULT
    sqlsrv.master_database_size: USE_DEFAULT
    sqlsrv.errorlog: USE_DEFAULT
    sqlsrv.do_upgrade: no
    sqlsrv.sybsystemprocs_device_physical_name: PUT_THE_PATH_OF_YOUR_SYBSYSTEMPROCS_DEVICE_HERE
    sqlsrv.sybsystemprocs_device_size: USE_DEFAULT
    sqlsrv.sybsystemprocs_database_size: USE_DEFAULT
    sqlsrv.sybsystemdb_device_physical_name: PUT_THE_PATH_OF_YOUR_SYBSYSTEMDB_DEVICE_HERE_OR_RE MOVE_THIS_LINE
    sqlsrv.sybsystemdb_device_size: USE_DEFAULT
    sqlsrv.sybsystemdb_database_size: USE_DEFAULT
    sqlsrv.default_backup_server: PUT_YOUR_BACKUP_SERVER_NAME_HERE


    -bash-3.00$ more
    sybinit.release_directory: USE_DEFAULT
    sybinit.product: bsrv
    bsrv.server_name: PUT_YOUR_SERVER_NAME_HERE
    bsrv.new_config: yes
    bsrv.do_add_backup_server: yes
    bsrv.do_upgrade: no
    bsrv.network_protocol_list: tcp
    bsrv.network_hostname_list: PUT_YOUR_HOSTNAME_HERE
    bsrv.network_port_list: PUT_YOUR_PORT_NUMBER_HERE
    bsrv.language: USE_DEFAULT
    bsrv.character_set: USE_DEFAULT
    bsrv.tape_config_file: USE_DEFAULT
    bsrv.errorlog: USE_DEFAULT
    sqlsrv.related_sqlsrvr: PUT_YOUR_ADAPTIVE_SERVER_NAME_HERE
    sqlsrv.sa_login: sa
    sqlsrv.sa_password: USE_DEFAULT

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    That is because the BS resource file needs to log into ASE as 'sa' to add the Backup Server entry into sysservers, whereas the ASE resource file always creates 'sa' with no password. You then need to change that yourself.

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    Thank you.

    Many thanks for your feedback. The information you provided was very helpful.

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