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    Unanswered: local asa installed and runned by java

    hello im wondering if its possible to start asa server locally from java application.. well the point is what should i do if i would like to run app using DB on computer that have no installed asa server.. i need to start dbeng8.exe on computer but im not sure what files are required to start it and what else i need . is there any lite instalation of asa that dont have any not necessery tools on it just local database server? or maybe i can just copy some required files to run it without installation?
    thanks for any ideas

    and perhaps sorry for my english but its not my language

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    rteng.exe is the super lightweight version of the ASA that once purchased can be freely deployed as many copies. It is bundled with Power Builder or can be purchased independently.

    This is very similar to the MSDE(MS Data Engine) from Microsoft

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