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    Unanswered: How to import RI constraints using DB2MOVE

    HI, I am migrating the databases from linux to AIX server. When used db2move export/import. it does not re-created the RIs.

    I believe it can be achieved using:

    Export ddls using db2look and create into target database
    db2move import and then create manually RI const.

    But looking for if there is any alternate way that I can force db2move to create objects, load and create RIs.


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    and/or Can I use redirected restore when migrating database from linux to aix?

    Also, does db2 v8.2 allows to rename the schema for target database. I know v9 has that featured using COPY..


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    to get RI definitions and all others (views, indexes, etc) execute command db2look (see documentation for detail).

    Backup/restore can be done only within Unix platform (AIX, HP, Solaris) and not over different operating system like Unix/Linux (although they seem to be quite the same they are not).

    When migrating from one platform to another I do this way:
    1. execute db2look to get table, view, foreign keys, indexes, trigger, etc info
    2. the output DDL file generated by db2look I split manually into two parts - first part where create tables etc are and into second where create foreign keys are - this is useful you can import tables without needing to have exact relation dependency
    3. db2more export ... -> export data from source db
    4. connect to target db and execute first part of db2look commands
    5. db2move import -> import data into target db
    6. execute second part of db2look commands

    Hope this helps,

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