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    Unanswered: Is it OK to develop softwares with Access ?

    Is it ok for a software company to develop softwares with MS Access ?
    I mean softwares to be marketed, e.g. MYOB, Crystal Reports, etc.
    Access got a database engine and excellent user interface and reporting writing tool.

    Or does it has to be (at least) VB ?

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    Is it possible? Yes. You would not normally use standard Access, and this would require that each end user buy an individual copy of Access. You would normally use the developer edition of Access, which allows you to "compile" distributable runtime versions of the database app with no end-user licensing requirements.

    I believe that there are some terms of what kinds of applications you can develop (or more importantly, not develop) in the Access EULA.

    P.S. Since this is an Access thread, I've moved it to the access forum.
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