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    Unanswered: SQL 2005 EXPRESS Remote Connectio Problem

    After installing MSSQL EXPRESS 2005 (on Server 2003 Std. OS) there was no problem when connecting to MS SQL server remotely via Visual Basic 2005 or MS Access.
    But after updating SP2 I can't connect to it from another computer in no way any more.

    I'm getting error message:
    SQL server error: 10061
    SQL server error: 17

    May sameone has some ideas ???

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    Have you checked It seems like SQL Server Express is not listening for remote connections.
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    Thank you. This is not the case. After installing MS SQLEXPRESS I'v enabled remote connections and everything was OK. But after installing MS SQLEXPRESS SP2 I can't connect to it even localy from any program except Management console. Definitely the problem caucsed installation of SP2 (after reinstalling MS SQLEXPRESS without updating to SP2 everything is OK).

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