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    Unanswered: problem sending email

    I'm trying to send email through Integration Services (based on when a package has been executed successfully) however I get this error message:

    SSIS package "CopyEmailTable.dtsx" starting.
    Error: 0xC002F304 at Send Mail Task, Send Mail Task: An error occurred with the following error message: "Failure sending mail.".
    Task failed: Send Mail Task
    SSIS package "CopyEmailTable.dtsx" finished: Success.

    Sending email via Mgmt Studio works fine, but not through Integ Services.

    Any help in this is greatly appreciated!

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    Possibly Integration Services is using a different logon than your own, and does not have priveleges to send mail.

    Consider using xp_smtp_sendmail instead:
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    will this work with SQL Server 2005?

    Also, how can I change how I log into Integ. Services, if that is the issue?

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