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    Unanswered: DB2 Migration

    Hi, I have inherited a project to port a few databases from
    My Question is located at the bottom of the post, I am listing the details of my environment here.

    Database server = DB2/SUN 6.1.0
    to another database.
    Ideally I would like to port it to db2 version 9 but this is not a "Have to" situation as long as I can get the current databases into a newer system running Linux and some form of database excluding mysql.

    Database options are
    DB2 V 9.1
    Oracle 10gR2
    PostgresSql (least favorite for me)

    I am by no means a DBA so I really do not have the knowledge of porting databases.

    The Server the Current databases reside on has very limited space, is running Sun OS 5.7 (OLD)

    the New Server is currently running Linux (Fedora Core 5) with DB2 Version 9 installed and working,
    I am not restricted to this Linux version.
    I can install Suse 10, Redhat Enterprise 4 even Windows server 2003 need be.

    Each of the 3 databases that reside on the old system have approx 150 tables and views
    The Data that resides in the tables is Alpha Numeric data, NO binary data that I am aware of.

    The questions I have are:
    What method would be best to get the data out of its current OLD Database and into the newer DB2 V 9.1 database ?

    What method would be best to get the data out of its current OLD Database and into files that can be Loaded into Other Databases (such as Oracle, and postgres) ?

    What steps would I need to do to Load the data back into each of the newer databases ?

    I am in the process of writing some scripts, (due to the Older version of DB2 causes problems)
    no -x option for starters.
    On the db2 V9.1 server I was writing some test scripts but when I tried them on the Older sstem they caused problems with the headers and counts etc...

    db2 -x "select * from ${TBL_NAME}" >> ${Table_Info}.${TBL_NAME}.data
    was a method I was looking into, then I would need to Load each of the .data files into the newer DB2 database.

    Should I try to export to ixf files from 6.1 and load them into 9.1 ?

    I am open to all suggestions and thank you all for your assistance.

    as I said a DBA I am not but I am willing to learn as I go.

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    I think you should try to export IXF first and load the data into the target. This may not work if the IXF format implementation has changed between the versions. If it does not, your other option would be to export to delimited files (CSV). This can also be loaded into other vendors' databases, if you choose to do so.
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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