I'm working on an existing application. This is a .NET application using the ODP data provider to access a oracle 9 db. The application has been live and stable for quite some time. There are several SPs defined that accept clobs as parameter for Where/In filter fields and return non-clob/lob data. Recently these SP started failing with an ORA - 22922 missing LOB error. From some testing we have belive that this is an enviroment issue. However we cannot pin down what is causing it.

I have found a work around, however this is an extensive change to how we are accessing these SPs. Before recommending that we implement it I would like to try and track down what caused this. If any one has any idea it would be much appreciated.

The code that was used to pass the clob previously was:

oraCmd.Parameters.Add(New OracleParameter("COMP_FILTER", OracleDbType.Clob)).Value = COMP_NAME

The work around requires the creating of a temp lob on the DB though a separate command, then passing that ID in to the SP. Not a small change.