We have a legacy piece of software written in VB6 which used Crystal Reports 8.5 for reporting. However, CR 8.5 does not run on VISTA and until recently CR 11.0 did not run on VISTA either.

CR 11.0 SP2 now runs on VISTA and we've upgraded our system to use CR 11.0 SP2. We built a cut down version of the application with only one report in it to make sure the installations work fine. We use Wise Installer for Windows 5.1. The installation works ok.

The application uses a DSNless connection to Visual FoxPro 8.0 database using OLEDB (no credentials required to access this database). We build ADO commands to execute select statements in VFP.

Here's the code:
' first table is the processing table
Dim Report As New CrClockListing
Dim gcmCmdReport As New Command
Set gcmCmdReport = CommandOnly("TC", "AllClocks", "")
Report.Database.AddADOCommand gcnTCC, gcmCmdReport

' second table has Administration information
Dim gcmAdmin As New Command
Set gcmAdmin = CommandOnly("TC", "TimeAdminReadONLY", "")
Report.Database.AddADOCommand gcnTCC, gcmAdmin

However, when we run the report, we get the following error:
"-2147192184 Server has not yet been opened."

This occurs when the application trys to run the command text for the second dataset being returned (highlighted text above). This worked fine in CR 8.5 but not now!

Has anyone had this type of error or encountered anything like this before?