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    Red face Unanswered: installation issues again

    hi guys,

    apache and php are working fine
    can't get the mysql functions to work:
    so i looked up here

    i placed the libmysql.dll in the system32 folder
    copied the php_mysql.dll to the extension folder for php
    'activated' the extension directive

    extension_dir already pointing to the proper folder

    still sql functions aren't recognized when i run them

    anybody got idea where i missed anything?
    (and yes, i've already restarted apache, as well as the system)

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    This might seem obvious but did you remember to restart Apache??

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    yup, i mentioned it too...

    anyway, it's kinda crazy that i wasn't able to get it to work, but i just downloaded 5.2.2 php installer anyway

    and from the installation, included the module for mysql

    it's pretty sad i didn't have time to figure it out though
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