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    Unanswered: Only one line of data shows up on Report - db attached

    Has anyone come across reports where only one line of data shows up ? I've made a table out of the underlying query and that table clearly has more than one record.

    If I use a different criteria in my query to select another data set, those records show up perfectly on the same report. This is EXTREMELY WEIRD !!
    Please help !!!

    The db is attached - the more weird thing is - if you delete the last row from the table "ttblrptList" (which populates the header and detail fields of crosstab report - ALL THE ROWS COME BACK ON AGAIN !) - almost as if I've reached the limitation of access on subscripts or something, but then again, if my underlying query puts a different set of data with more columns in the crosstab and rows on the tablelist that populates the crosstab headers and detail, everything is perfect....
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    The only similar circumstance I have come across is where there has been what I can only term 'ghost' characters in the field I've been querying after importing the data into the database from another source. Try physically retyping the data in the field concerned and then see if the query will spot it. You may have to play around with wildcards in the query criteria to get around it.

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    thanks - db is attached - please check out

    thanks for the suggestions - I know what you're referring to - almost like a foreign language comes on - but this is a different problem... the problem report is attached.

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