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    Unanswered: could not execute 'sp_replcmds'

    I am working on SQL Server 2000 SP4
    I am getting a very strange error on one of my instances;

    The process could not execute 'sp_replcmds' on #SERVERNAME#

    Replication failure. File 'T:\shiloh\sql\ntdbms\srvrepl\src\replicat.cpp',
    line 1677.
    (Source: #SERVERNAME# (Data source); Error number: 18759)

    In microsoft it tells you to apply
    SQL SP4, which i have done and re did just incase it wasn't applied properly,
    it made no difference to the situations. Ive restarted the intance and the
    server and still to no avail.

    Last month we did have a situation where our master database went suspect
    and this is the first time anything has had to be replicated on that server
    since then. The publisher and subscriber database are on the same server.


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    I have a recollection with replication that you have to enable replication before applying SP4 (or re-apply SP4 after enabling replication). You must do this on both the publisher and the distributor. If I recall the sequence correctly, you must do the distributor first and then then publisher.

    I know that you said you re-applied SP4, did you do it in accordance with the steps outlined above?


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