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    This is regarding the Replication Server ver 12.0, running on Solaris 2.7

    We need some help from you to identify Sybase Replication Server commands as follows:

    1. A command to stop Replicantion Server from putting data into a particular route, as the receiving machine on that route is permanently down.
    We used the 'suspend' command, but that only stops the delivery to the replicate site. The data is still inserted in the queue at the primary, and in course of time that queue becomes full and the Replication process (to other sites) comes to a stop.

    2. A command to purge the out bound queue of a particular route, online.
    Currently we bring down the Rep. Server and restart it in Maintenance mode, purge the outbound queue, again bring down the Rep. Server, and then restart it in the normal mode. We want to avoid all this, and also not stop replication on the other routes during this period.

    Thanks and regards

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    1. The only way to stop Rep Server from pumping data in the stable queue is to either stop the rep agent on the primary, which means your primary transaction log will start to fill up or disable the secondary truncation marker on the primary.

    2. You can purge only transaction in the INBOUND queue, once the DIST processes it cannot be purged. However you can zap blocks in the output queue. Look for zap.

    You are playing with fire when you do these things, be sure to identify the correct blocks and the right queue.

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