In SQL Enterprise Manager I am getting a '[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver] Timeout expired' pop-up window after about 30 seconds when running some more complicated views and queries. I have changed the timeout setting in the Enterprise Manager (Server Properties>Connections tab) to 600 seconds, and also to 0 for not timeout limit, but continue to get the message after about 30 seconds anyway. The same view or query run from the SQL Query Analyzer runs fine with no timeouts.

Also, and I mention this because it may be related and is actually more important to me to solve, I get the same issue - a 'Timeout Expired' popup window - when trying to view a data view web part on a SharePoint page. It happens at the same 30 second mark with intensive data retrieval, but the same query on a part with a filter that cuts down the data (and thus the time) runs fine. I have tried to pass a 'timout=600' setting along with the connection string on the web part settings, but it continues to timeout at about 30 seconds. Running the part a second or third time finally gets me the data I was asking for in a very short period of time, as do multiple requests after that - I can only assume because the data is now cached frm the pervious attempts?

In addition to the settings mentined above, I have also checked the timouts in the web.config file on the server. There are three of them, they are set to 200, 600, and 7000 - all plenty longer than the 30 seconds I am experiencing.

Are these problems related? And how do I fix one, the other, or both? Are there other timout settings somewhere else that I am missing? This is on a Windows 2003 Server running SQL 2000, IIS, and Business Portal 2.5 on the .net 1.1 framework


Anthony J. Kroes
Systems Analyst/Developer
Bay Towel, Inc.