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    Which Database to Use??

    I am looking at developing a database but I am not sure what direction to go with the language or database design (Access, SQL, Oracle, Sybase, etc.) Looking for feedback/recommendations/pros&cons. The data would be for surveys of a mulitude of companies and involves a lot of text in comment form, some ratings, pre-determined choices/categories, ability to do statistics on ratings and metrics, searchable text (within db and within field), the usual names/address/mailing list type info, follow up alerts on dates and priority based, PC based to start but with growth to client server, maybe browser based, useable in the field on a laptop but able to bring it back to a server. Seems the leading factor might be the need for text in the database. I am familiar with VB, Access, and SQL so leaning that way.

    Any comments are really appreciated...

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    If you believe you'll be outgrowing a single user/desktop, then go with a server-based solution. Any of the above except access. Add PostgreSQL and MySQL to the mix also. Both Oracle and SQL Server have 'Lite' versions of their databases that you can install on a desktop PC and use there initially, and buy the full blown version when you outgrow the limitations of the lite version. You could, of course, install PostgreSQL or mySql up front, and not worry about needing to upgrade to a "full" version later.

    PostgreSQL offers a more complete feature-set than MySQL, and has closed the performance gap (and is faster than MySQL when you use constraints/referential integrity in the database, and with more than 8-10 concurrent users), whereas mySql has historically tended to emphasize speed over enforcement of data integrity (in the database) but has recently introduced some features that other products have had for years.
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    it depends what you want to do
    it depends how you see your database being used
    if its an online web survey then a web paradigm may be appropriate (if so budget reasons may make PHP & MySQL)

    if its a conventional application, and you are familiar with Access then Id use Access but use a server back end to actually store the data.. it can be any server product.. if budget is an issue then MySQL is fine, if you have ample budget then any of the other products are viable.

    there are several issues
    what you are familiar with
    what the application demands
    what the users require
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