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    Unanswered: Sending email on insert

    Hi. I found this article on 4GuysFromRolla ( about sending an email when the database is updated. Well, I need to take this example a bit further. We are allowing people to enter their email address on our site to receive email updates on their case. I have all of that working in the database. But I don't know how to modify their example to loop through a listing of email addresses who want to receive an email when the case has been updated. Does anybody know how I can accomplish this? Thanks for all your help!

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    is your problem is related to concatenation of several email addresses in the @recipients field? if yes u can do this

    declare @emails varchar(1000)
    set @emails = ''
    select @emails = EmailField + ';' + @emails where SendMeEmailField = 'Yes' from MyEmailAddrTable
    set @emails = left(@emails, len(@emails)-1)

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