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    Unanswered: OLE Object - linked

    Trying to figure something out - I'm linking .bmp files into a table through a OLE field (Insert Object, Create Form File, select file, hit Link), but even though I'm clicking on the Link option, it's causing my db to grow in size like it's actually embedding the picture. They are large .bmps, and three picts are taking the db up to 70 meg. Is this normal, or should the db stay small in size when actually linking?

    Background on the picts (as to why they are large) - employees are pulling product pictures off of websites from the vendors and need to drop them in the db. They are actually pulling jpgs and converting them to bmp (since OLE does not support jpg), and I don't want them to try and shring the size of the bmp.


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    Objects as Large As Elephants converts all files like images into bitmaps hence the bloating. Personally I use dbpix although I think there is a native image handler which after my experience with OLE I simply didn't trust MS so I went for a 3rd Party ActiveX solution.

    Dbpix is not free so it may not be appropriate. I work for an art gallery so the cost was easy to justify - in fact it was a no brainer.

    I will say that with dbpix I can run through all 25,000 works of art without an error although it is a good idea to keep the images to low res thumbnails whichever solution you use.

    All the images are handled referentially although you can store them as blobs but we have too many images to contemplate storing the images.


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    Copies of the bitmap are stored in the table, which is which is why bloats so much.

    Potentially, instead of reading the source file as an image, but instead load it into an array of byte, (using an external programming language like VB or C) you could store the file without decompression.
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