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    Unanswered: Some fun and challenging games written in vb

    Here's 11 different puzzles/games I designed in visual basic (there is NO install routine and they've been FULLY tested for viruses - just unzip and click on the executable to run them).

    Puzzles are:
    5 Gallon Puzzle (easy puzzle taken from the movie Die Hard)
    BlueToRed Puzzle (move the red pegs to the blue and vice-versa - challenging)
    Circles (my favorite - match the pattern and colors on all the circles - challenging)
    LightsOn (turn on all the lights puzzle redone from the web)
    Lines (an interesting rotate/swap/color matching lines puzzle)
    MathPuzzle (an easy arithmetic puzzle)
    PuzzleGame (make 15 in all directions - challenging first puzzle I designed)

    Games are:
    At The Track (bet on the motorcycle (horse racing type) game)
    21 Card Game (fun solitaire cellphone game I recreated)
    Dice Game (my favorite - eliminate all the numbers based on the roll of the dice)
    Simon (based on the simon game - see if you can reach 50 clicks.)

    If you like one of the puzzles or games and you want the source code, drop me an email at There are some good vb code samples in them.

    Feel free to pass them on to anyone else which might like them. I only ask that you give me feedback on how you like them.

    See if you can solve some of the challenging puzzles.
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