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    Post Unanswered: Ms Access 2000_PHP_Web Page

    Hi All

    I am doing a project in one of my degree units whereby I have to design a up and running Online Catalog for a library that will allow users to search for the books location and availability in the library and even place reservation on a book (members only-upon login, which will also display any fnes member has to pay).

    Now I have surfed the net a lot looking for ways of making this happen. I found out that I can create a databae in Access and integrate it to my web Page using PHP.

    I found out that even though its not a powerful solution the above can be done by making an ODBC connection. Now whats an ODBC connection.

    Now I have no idea how to make that connection and also I am a beginner in Databases and I havent done PHP before.

    I am really very confused and uncertain about it,particularly the PhP bit.

    Can someone with the above knowledge be kind enough to guide me on the right path.

    Thanking you in advane.


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    most people here will help you with your work, buyt they are not going to do it for you.

    what elements are you expected to do, what was covered in your course
    have you got a data model, as to me thats almost the first step.. well the first step is to get the user requirement clear in your mind / documented

    having done that you can then start thinking about how you use the system, and how you maintain the data (often 2 separate elements)

    so over to you
    what was the name of the course / subject / module you are required to do this assignment for..... the clue as to whats required is often in those sort of details
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    What is your hosting environment?
    Do you have a choice of databases or can you decide what you use? If you can decide then stay AWAY from MSAccess, and use MySQL instead ( a real database).

    PHP isn't as hard as you think (to get started with anyway). And if you have any technical issues then by all means voice them here.

    As examples of how to connect to ODBC :
    $connection = odbc_connect('mydsn','user','password');
    HOWEVER, and this is VERY important for you if you're using ODBC. You MUST have the ODBC driver installed on your hosting platform, else you won't be able to connect to it.

    See this for help :

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