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    Unanswered: is there a way to have Multiple users editing database at the same time

    I currently have a access database using access 2007. I need to be able to have three people editing the database at the same time. Is this possible in access and if so what is the best way to do this?

    Thanks for your help.

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    The normal solution is splitting the application into a back end containing the data tables that resides on a server, and a front end containing everything else that each user has a copy of.

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    Paul, just to clear my doubt.

    how about the linking of tables? ODBC or ADODB? If used ODBC (DSN) linking method adopted, don't u think the size of previously increased db will again become large db? Moreover it caused speed problem with aggrigate function like Dsum / DLookup...which I am facing now and finding solutiion thru this forum.

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    depends on what you are using
    Im guessing you are using plain vanilla Access using the default data storage mechanism JET.. if you haven't come across JET or server back ends.. then 'just' say yes.

    first off make sure Access can work in sahred mode.
    Make sure that all people who are using your access model are opening it allowing sharing. Sometimes an access installation attemtps to open exclusively..... which allows that person to make changes to the access model, but locks everyone else out.
    look under tools | options check the 'advanced tab', and make sure default open mode is shared, and whilst you are at it, I d suggest checking to make sure that default record locking is either no locks, or edited record. Also make sure Access is using record locking. these settings are for A2000/XP.

    next as Paul (PBaldy) suggests consider deploying your Access application as a separate front end and back end (back end contains common data, from end contains forms, queries, reports etc plus any local configuration data. in an ideal world purists suggest the front end should be unique to each user.. possibly on their own local drive. if its on the own local drive then they can create their own reports / forms.. that is if you want to let them. Better yet give them an MDE version of the application.. that is one they cannot alter or dabble.

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