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    Unanswered: difference in DB2i5

    i'm trying to convert my db2 database installed at ubuntu,
    and migrate to i5/os, and i've founded that it is not compatible,
    and also, i've found a article saying that there are some unsupported features for db2 at i5/os. which is shown below:

    Unsupported features

    There are some DB2 UDB for LUW features or capabilities that are not yet supported or are extremely difficult to support or come up with a DB2 UDB for i5/OS circumvention. The features listed here might require portions of the application to be rewritten or redesigned:
    OLAP Expressions (CUBE and ROLLUP)
    SELECT FROM an INSERT statement
    Generated columns
    XML publishing functions
    WebSphere MQ functions
    DB2 Extenders
    Audio, Visual, and Image Extender
    Spatial Extender
    Net Search Extender
    Abstract Data types
    The following DB2 UDB for LUW features are also not yet supported by DB2 UDB for i5/OS. Although these missing performance features will probably not require a change to the application, they might cause significant performance impacts on the ported application.

    the more i concern is the SELECT FROM an INSERT statement,
    why is it unsupported? and how am i going to solve it?

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    one more question

    i'm trying to execute a very simple query like:

    select * from table1 where uid=22 and hash='asdfasdfasf'

    it gave me the following errors:
    SQL0104N An unexpected token "=" was found following "". Expected tokens may include: "(". SQLSTATE=42601

    it works at db2 installed on linux, but this is executed in db2 installed on i5/os
    any idea?

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    the second one i've found out the reason,
    because "hash" is a reserved word, changing it to others solve the problem.

    Another problem is,
    the date at db2 is 'dd-mm-yyyy', at i5/os is 'yyyy-mm-dd'

    but in my java application, when i set date using preparedstatement,
    it has error saying that the format of date are wrong,
    why is that? how do i solve it?

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