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    Unanswered: Cannot Load Function PECONVERTVINFOTOPFINFO

    I have an Estimating Tools Software which runs on Windows 95. The software was written using Paradox - "I think"
    As the company which developed the software no longer exists, i cannot get any support or advice on a problem.

    I have managed to transfer the system to an XP platform, it works fine but when it comes to printing or print preview, I get the following error message
    "Cannot Load Function PECONVERTVINFOTOPFINFO". This according to a Google search relates to a DLL file - crpe.dll or crpe32.dll. I have copied these tow files into the various directories and sub-directories. Still no joy.

    Is there anyone who can help me solve this problem, Will be most grateful


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    Have you tried running the application in Win98 compatibility mode, which can be turned on in the compatibility tab of the link you use to run the app?
    The only failure is not trying to do it.

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