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    Unanswered: help - isql

    I’m a new sybase user, I can login to Sybase using “isql –Usa –P –S servername”,
    I want to change the password of a user.
    1)how do I display the list of users using syslogins (solaris 9).
    2) Can I use isql tool in graphic mode, on solaris 9.

    I have tired ‘sa’ and ‘qipadmin’. Can log in with this two, getting the massage user name not found.

    # . ./
    # isql -Usa -P -S server
    1> sp_help
    2> go
    Name Owner
    ------------------------------ ------------------------------
    syslogins dbo
    system table
    3> sa.syslogins
    4> go
    Msg 509, Level 16, State 2:
    Server 'xxxxx', Line 1:
    User name 'sa' not found.

    Looking further for your kind support and help.


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    The owner of the syslogins table in the master database is dbo
    select * from master.dbo.syslogins

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