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    Question Unanswered: Kerberos HADR Automatic Client Reroute

    Hi All,
    We're having a problem with our HADR environment. After issuing a "TAKEOVER DB" command, the service principal of a KERBEROS configured database connection (on the client), does not reroute as expected. In order to change to the "new primary" server, we have to issue a "catalog db" command to that server, along with a new "service principal name".

    Is it possible to have the same principal name running on two serperate servers (primary and standby)? If so, how can we go about setting it up?

    We are running two SOLARIS10 Servers, DB2 8.1 FP14 ESE 64-bit, Client: 8.1 FP 13, IBM Naskit 1.3 installed on server, AD Server Win 2003. HADR is enabled and running smoothly, using a SERVER_ENCRYPT configured database connection switches with no problems encountered.
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