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    Unanswered: time allotment for db documentation

    greetings, all:

    i've just come into an assignment to document an access database (identify what the tables, queries, etc. do, what they're for -- their purpose, basically, be able to identify and explain how a db is functioning), but i'm not sure how much time to recommend for this particular project.

    quick specs on the db are as follows:

    tables 51
    queries 196
    forms 28
    reports 35
    macros 1
    modules 12

    the erd itself is 3 tables! all the other tables are not in the erd, however, they are used in various queries with ad hoc joins. the dude who created it was heavy on the vba side but soft on the erd/normalization (fundamental db) side. i should also add that i'm not heavy on the vba side (will crash course learn it!) but heavy on the fundamental db side (structuring one correctly).

    my question to you is: how much time should i recommend it take to document this db?

    thanks in advance.

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    "Tools" > "Analyze" > "Documenter"
    You're already half way there by then!
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    thank you for the documenter. i'll give that a shot.

    and i'll stop the thanks in advance comment. ;-)

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