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    Unanswered: Manually editing SUID in syslogins...

    Will manually editing syslogins cause sevre issus? Corruption or database / data integraty issues?

    If I ensure that the below system tables in master are consistant across servers, will I run into sevre issues?

    - syslogins
    - syssrvroles (which currently seems to be the same across all servers)
    - sysloginroles
    - sysattributes (which currently seems to be the same accross all servers with both the object_type of 'UR' and 'PS'). No attributes set at this time.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The above question is with the understanding that we will be leaving the default "sa" account intact. Also, this is before any user objects are created (databases, tables, etc.).

    Side not... If the answer is yes, it will cause issues, please explain further. I'm trying to better understand how people are BCP out / in syslogins from one server to the other and don't seem to be having any issues. Yet, manually editing syslogins seems to be discouraged. What is the difference?

    Also, if I BCP out / in syslogins... do I have to do the same with other system tables? Other tables being... sysattributes, syssrvroles and sysloginroles?

    Thank you.
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    I have used the bcp-ing of syslogins, syssrvroles and sysloginroles, and I haven't come across any big problems. Here and there I had to check if logins had the proper user defined roles assigned to them, but my guess is that has something to do with the way those are stored in the sysattributes-table. I'm not quite familiar with that one (see my topic: [ASE12.5] Information about roles in systemtables)

    If you have no userobjects (including userdefined roles) bcp-ing the syslogins will be no problem, if you leave to logins that are present after installing the server.
    If you have userdatabases with many users in it, after you bcp the syslogins-table, you can just load the database, and all users should be referenced to the proper logins.
    If you assigned systemroles to logins, you can bcp the sysloginroles-table too (again, watch out for records that are already there right after install). All logins should have the proper roles granted to them.

    As far as user-defined roles, I'm not quite sure, as I said before. It has something to do with copying some sysattributes-records and sysroles-records. But maybe some of the specialists here can elaborate some more on that (Willy, are you there??)

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