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    Unanswered: type conversion

    Hi ,

    Can any one tell me how to convert varchar to integer in the sub query.

    i have tried the below code and it's not working.

    select * from Table1 where COL1 NOT IN (SELECT COL2 AS INTEGER FROM Table2 WHERE CODE_CATG_N='XXXX')
    col1 is smallint and col2 is varchar
    the error it is giving is

    SQL0401N The data types of the operands for the operation "IN" are not

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    That would be CAST() or INTEGER(), not "COL2 AS INTEGER".
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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    The current syntax doesn't trigger a syntax error because "COL2 AS INTEGER" is allowed - it just renames the column from COL2 to the name INTEGER.
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