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    Unanswered: Granting permission on multiple stored procs

    Is there a better way of granting permission to a stored proc for a selected user other than (enterprise manager) select sp then accessing propertys then permissions, then user?

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    GRANT EXEC ON <proc> TO <MyUser>

    just about anything you can do in the EM can be scripted saved as script and used again. which makes you more efficient.
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    i agree with a script...

    but the rest of the story is this...
    the project is a work in progress thing. we are added new stored procs as needed (up to 83 as of this morning) and now we wanted a selected user to test the new project. I was looking for a way to not have to type out all 83 stored proc names in order to grant access to them for this user. I was hoping for a solution/feature that i was not aware of in EM. so it looks like i will have to do this process manually either way (EM or Script)...

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    select 'grant execute on ' + name + ' to user'
    from sysobjects
    where type = 'P'
      and crdate > getdate() -1

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    You are using Database Roles, I hope.
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